Botox Frequently Asked Questions

1How does it work
Botulinum Toxin (BTX-A) is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment for moderate to severe frown lines, used typically on people aged between 18 to 65. After years of frequent contraction combined with other environmental and lifestyle factors, lines and wrinkles will form and eventually become permanent.Botulinum Toxin (BTX-A) works by blocking the nerve transmission to temporarily reduce the contractions of the facial muscles that cause frown lines. It has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for wrinkles. Several tiny injections of BTX-A will be administered directly into the muscles of your face. The entire injection procedure will take approximately 10 minutes and does not require anaesthesia.
2What areas can be treated with Anti-wrinkle injections?
Anti-wrinkles injections provide good results and are mainly used for the face. Forehead wrinkles, crow's feet lines around the eyes, and the "11 lines" between the eyebrows are the most popular areas.
3Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?
Anti-wrinkle injections are derived from a drug called Botulinum Toxin which has been used for both medical and cosmetic treatments for over 20 years with no known adverse effects. Like many cosmetic treatments,there are possible side effects, some clients report mild bruising whilst very occasionally- some clientsexperience a 'droopy eyelid' both however can be corrected and will self correct in time. These risks are mitigated by treatments being administered in our clinicby our highly qualified practitioners.
4Will I be able to move my face?
The ‘frozen’ look is only caused when too much toxin is administered into one area. Our practitioners are trained to achieve a natural effect and we consider some movement to be a good result, providing a fresher you! Normal facial expressions such as smiling, frowning or looking surprised will be achievable ensuring you look natural. Ourpractitioners will talk you through how the treatment can be used for subtle effects so no one need know .
5What happens after treatment?
Although it’s important to avoid anything strenuous for 24 hours such as going to the gym you can carry on as normal. Before you leave the clinic at the end of your treatment, we will book you in for a free check-up 2 weeks later, so that we can review the results of your treatment once it has taken full effect.

Dermal Fillers Frequently Asked Questions

1Why choose dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers provide instant results and help you regain the lost volume in your skin that occurs as we age. Our experienced clinicians understand the aesthetic symmetry and ratios which help achieve the most desirable and pleasing results. This ensures that the results are natural looking and avoids the fake over treated look that is sometimes seen following treatment. We pride ourselves in helping you be you .... but... NEW! Our clinicians are particularly skilled in ensuring this important knowledge of aesthetics and symmetry is employed during lip enhancement treatment. This is important in lip enhancement to avoid the undesirable overdone look when lips are too full.
2How do dermal fillers work?
The filler used in our clinic is a copy of a naturally-occurring sugar that is found naturally in your skin. You will have a full consultation with our clinicians before the treatment to discuss your choice of filler to ensure we achieve the best results and look you desire. We use the highest quality dermal fillers and our experienced clinicians inject this directly under the skin using a fine needle. We apply a local anaesthetic cream to the treatment area to ensure your comfort. Dermal fillers are particularly effective when used in the lower half of the face in areas such as nose-to-mouth lines. Dermal fillers are a naturally occurring gel that is injected beneath the surface of the wrinkle to restore volume by plumping out the area, resulting in a smoother and more youthful look. It is very effective at easing out lines and creases that can appear with age. Many clients are delighted with the results from lip fillers which help to combat the loss of volume and the fine lines that occur naturally around the mouth as we age. Treatments using dermal fillers are quite quick and provide instant results. Dermal fillers in use today also incorporate an anaesthetic and this helps to ensure that the treatment is less painful. The results can last up to for 6 to 9 months or up to 2 years depending on which filler is chosen.

Skin Peels Frequently Asked Questions

1What do skin peels in involve?
Skin peels involve the use of a chemical solution that will lift all dead skin cells off the surface and come away when the chemical begins to peel, removing itself from the skin. New skin cells are produced resulting in facial skin becoming smoother and wrinkles less defined. This treatment method is effective for anyone who does not want a surgical procedure and wants great instant results! Different types of skin peels produce different results. We can recommend the treatment suitable for you, and we will be there to offer support and advice throughout your treatment. Our experienced clinicians will talk you through the treatments and decide with you the best treatment for you. Before any treatment we always make sure that you are happy with the procedure and methods that we use, so that you understand what the treatment entails and what you can expect to achieve. AHA, or fruit acids, are the gentlest of chemical peel, and it may take more than one treatment for the effects to be noticeable. The benefits of this though are that there is no downtime following this treatment so you don’t have to hide away!. This type of peel provides better results for those wanting to reduce scarring, even out skin tones and improve the appearance of acne. We recommend AHA acid peels for anyone with sensitive skin as the concentration of this acid is lower than the other chemical peels available.